Monday, 28 May 2012

Walking in Gods eternal light

When I was young I thought my life, Was going to be one of turmoil and strife, Friends were few and far between, From the age of seven to seventeen, Lessons in life came hard and fast, My childhood became my past, True happiness I never knew, Memories are but a few, I put up walls to keep people out, They couldnt hear me scream and shout, They didnt understand my grief and pain, They never got to know my name. I thought that this would be my life, Full of turmoil,pain and strife, Many years have come and gone, Somhow i managed to carry on, Moments of joy made life worth living, My love to all i kept on giving, Until now never knew what for, I only knew there must be more, To this life i was trying to live, and all the love i had tried to give, Then one day it came to be, That God shone his light on me, And since that day i feel his love, Shining on me from up above, And so i live both day and night, walking in Gods eternal light, He saved my soul,he shone the light, That makes my future so very bright, I pray that all the world can see, The light that saved a soul like me, That all who see might choose to live their lives, Walking in Gods eternal light. By Jane Rouse

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