Monday, 28 May 2012

God help me be all that i can be.

Dear God,I am just one person in this great big world.I know you have a plan for me and i understand how it is that you want me to live my life.But sometimes Lord,it is so hard.There are still so many who want to bring me down,want to see me fall.And so every day i wake up and pray.I pray that they will see your glorious light,and know that to believe in you is to have eternal life in peace.My dear God,give me the strength to be all that i can be,that i may live my life in your glorious Name.and spread your message to all who will listen,even to those who will hear but who make take a while to actually listen with their hearts. I ask this of you God,in the name of your son Jesus Christ,whose life you sacraficed that we might see what a glorious God you truly are.I promise with all my heart Lord that i will strive to be all that i can be and spread the Word.I am your servant Lord.Amen By Jane Rouse

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