Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Heal the world

Dear God.
I pray on my knees,
That you might heal the world.
So much anger surrounds me,
So must cruelty
So much hatred towards others
The world is a beautiful place
But the people are mean and ugly
And its contagious Lord
Please God
I will pray every day
Please heal the world
that they might see the truth
And live in peace
And be kind
I ask these things of you
In Jesus name

By Jane Rouse

Monday, 28 May 2012

God help me be all that i can be.

Dear God,I am just one person in this great big world.I know you have a plan for me and i understand how it is that you want me to live my life.But sometimes Lord,it is so hard.There are still so many who want to bring me down,want to see me fall.And so every day i wake up and pray.I pray that they will see your glorious light,and know that to believe in you is to have eternal life in peace.My dear God,give me the strength to be all that i can be,that i may live my life in your glorious Name.and spread your message to all who will listen,even to those who will hear but who make take a while to actually listen with their hearts. I ask this of you God,in the name of your son Jesus Christ,whose life you sacraficed that we might see what a glorious God you truly are.I promise with all my heart Lord that i will strive to be all that i can be and spread the Word.I am your servant Lord.Amen By Jane Rouse

Walking in Gods eternal light

God is love, He shines his light, For all who want to see, Even a poor wee soul like me. I lived a life of pain an strife, I am a mother and a wife, I try to be all that i can be, I try to help others see, The light that shines fom up above, The light that is Gods love. So if you feel that hope is gone, And in this life you cant go on, Know that there is a way thats right, Walking in Gods eternal light. By Jane Rouse

Walking in Gods eternal light

When I was young I thought my life, Was going to be one of turmoil and strife, Friends were few and far between, From the age of seven to seventeen, Lessons in life came hard and fast, My childhood became my past, True happiness I never knew, Memories are but a few, I put up walls to keep people out, They couldnt hear me scream and shout, They didnt understand my grief and pain, They never got to know my name. I thought that this would be my life, Full of turmoil,pain and strife, Many years have come and gone, Somhow i managed to carry on, Moments of joy made life worth living, My love to all i kept on giving, Until now never knew what for, I only knew there must be more, To this life i was trying to live, and all the love i had tried to give, Then one day it came to be, That God shone his light on me, And since that day i feel his love, Shining on me from up above, And so i live both day and night, walking in Gods eternal light, He saved my soul,he shone the light, That makes my future so very bright, I pray that all the world can see, The light that saved a soul like me, That all who see might choose to live their lives, Walking in Gods eternal light. By Jane Rouse

Sunday, 27 May 2012

Spreading Gods message

I am here on my own,
Just one person,
All alone in my thoughts.
Out there is the world,
So full of pain,
So many lost souls.
What can i do,
To spread the word ,
Gods message to the world.
I pray,
Every day,
That people will hear me.
Im no one special,
Why will they listen,
Because i speak the truth.
God wants us all,
To carry his message,
That he loves his world.
So lend me your ear,
The message is clear,
Live your life in Gods name.
Be kind to this world,
Be humble and pray,
Spread Gods message and you will be saved.

By Jane Rouse


I found a friend,
A very special friend,
I call her my sunshine,
And my sweet child,
From the very first moment,
That she entered my world,
I have been blessed.
She smiles for me,
And i just have to smile,
She prays for me,
And i want to pray,
In my darkest hour,
She is my brightest day,
For all that we are to each other,
I am blessed.
Her day is my night,
Such is the distance between us,
And yet it seems to be,
We are almost as one,
No mountain nor sea will keep us apart,
As God is our Saviour,
We are truly blessed.

By Jane Rouse